Zero Hour Workdays (affiliate link) is a new video training program, that’s really geared towards beginners.  The name is a little misleading in that you need to do the work in the training before you can get to Zero Hour Workdays (affiliate link). This training is put together by Brendan Mace.

Brendan was one of the first guys I ran across when I started out. I discovered his web site and subsequent YouTube channel. This training comes from a guy that is truly living the laptop lifestyle. He makes a good income while traveling the world. No fancy car pictures and all that crap either. He is very laid back and always has a t-shirt on and a two day old beard. However, Brendan has been around for a number of years and does a good job of explaining things that the newbie can understand. He’s usually to the point and doesn’t do a lot of rambling.

So does he do the same kind of job in his membership training site?

I did purchase a membership to see exactly what you’ll get and was pleasantly surprised at it’s ease of use.
The site is well done and pleasing. It’s simple to navigate and for the most part gets right to the point of the training.

Check out the video below to have a look around with me.

TO BUY or NOT TO BUY, that is the question…

Most of the info can be found with hours of searching on the Internet. The problem with doing it all yourself is you never really know if what you are reading is the right information. So you have to try different techniques and test and test and test some more, until something works for you. This is one of the reasons many fail at this business, they get frustrated with all the info out there and end up quitting before they find the right combination for them.

For the absolute beginner this is must have training, all together in one place, that will save you the long hours of searching and the frustration of testing and testing. There aren’t any click one button, make millions claims either. Just simple training that works. Just what the beginning IM’er needs.

The intermediate marketer might benefit from Brendan’s training also. There are some good tips in here that I definitly picked up.

Now there are a couple of things that bothered me in this training…

First, there are a lot of references to his personal coaching he offers. Now don’t get me wrong, he has every right to do exactly that. One of the best tips I ever got when starting out, was to get a mentor. Sure that can cost you thousands of dollars. But in the long run, it will actually save you money, since you’ll get to talk and ask questions to someone who has “been there-done that”. If you are just starting out and the idea of a mentor excites you, take a look at Brendan’s coaching.

Second, Some of the traffic sources he discusses in the training are a little above the newbie stage. Trading traffic to start off with for a newbie, I personally think can be a little daunting. Once you establish yourself in the IM world, this can be a great source. But until anyone knows who you are, you might have a hard time with it.

The solo ad training is very good. He provides a few ways to get started and provides a downloadable list of buyers he’s had good success with. Many of the names I recognize and have also had success with a few of them.

Third, the modules on Lead Capture and Collecting Subscribers is spot on in the information he provides. The problem I have is that it only talks about one product in each module. I’m sure these are the products Brendan uses and that’s his reasoning for it. Personally I think, training should include more than one product to give an overview of what’s available out there.

So would I recommend Zero Hour Workdays?


  • You’re a beginning marketer and looking for someone to tell you what works
  • You’re looking for basic training all in one location that saves you time having to search and test yourself

If you already have an email list, and are familiar with squeeze pages, opt-in forms, solo ads, etc. then this probably isn’t for you. There isn’t anything earth shattering or a new system that will put you over the top. This is just good basic training that everyone needs to learn getting started.

On a scale of 1 to 5…I give it a 3.


However, for those who decide to buy thru my link I’ll throw in the bonuses below, that will definitely make up for some of the issues I pointed out.

Sorry the bonuses are no longer available.

My bonuses:
Auto Responder Buyers Guide
Lead Generation Authority
Lead Generation Authority Gold
5 Secret Traffic Sources
6 Free Traffic Methods

Sorry the bonuses are no longer available.