Viking IM PLR

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever bought a PLR package and thought, this is it, or you’re in a content slump and this will get me out of it?

So you went and bought it…

Downloaded the package, opened it, start to look thru it and your heart just fell out of your chest. You got that big lump in your throat and the anxiety kicks in, you can’t catch your breath and then you get MAD AS HELL!

Yeah me too…been there, done that.

If you’re like me, you’ve bought a crap load of PLR over the last year and found most of it is pure..


Or you bought other products because that marketers bonuses seemed great, only to find they were crap too!

Again…been there, done that.

Think about this for a minute…

Most of this stuff is written by someone who, clearly English isn’t their native language.

Or an English drop out, who couldn’t spell correctly if their life depended on it. You know the stuff that reads like a barren wasteland of grammar misspelling and four or five sentences all thrown together as a single paragraph. And maybe there’s a comma in it so you can catch a breath.


OR the graphics look like something out of the early days of the Internet.

Yeah, you know CRAP!

So one day I’m stuck in a slump …I’m needing more content, thinking what do I write about next?

So I began to think about all this PLR that is filling up my hard drive.

Most of it is hardly worth the bandwidth it took to download this stuff.

So then it hit me…

Why don’t I look over this PLR I have scattered all over my hard drive.

Maybe just maybe, there is something in all that stuff that will spark some creativity, give me something to write about.

You know what I began to realize? PLR isn’t a bad thing. Think about it…

You have to rewrite it anyway. Most of it you’ll have to rewrite all of it.

So why not use it to get some great product ideas and a bit of research out of the way?

But what if you could get a PLR package that you didn’t have to do all the work completely over?

You need to rewrite some …. Can’t be the same as other pages out there…Google penalties and all.


Had a video course or audio course.. oh I don’t know…

That you could actually use?

Wouldn’t that just make your day?

Seriously…what if?


Prepare to be blown away!!!


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Viking IM PLR

I know what you’re thinking…oh great another crappy PLR product.


If you close this video now, you’ll miss out on one of the best PLR products ever created.


Yep… It is that good!

This package is well written by someone who clearly has a grasp of the English language, yet not so wordy that it sounds like it was written by an English Professor who looks down on you if you don’t understand the big words he uses.

The audio in the MP3’s and the videos are top quality and well spoken, with proper pronunciation and emphasis. Not like someone who’s been on a 3 day drunk or their accent is so strong you can hardly understand them.

Yeah.. again you could actually use these.

On top of that :

It includes:

Gorgeous Free Report – Lead magnet

Breath-taking eBook

Professional video course

Audio lessons

Editable Word docs – no more copy and pasting out of a pdf

Rebranding tutorial – no guess work on how to rebrand this stuff

Rebrandable video slides

Facebook ad – meets Facebook guide lines

Email follow-up sequence –

Stunning graphics package

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Warlord Marketing, the folks behind Viking PLR have put together a brand new line of premium, gorgeous, high-quality PLR content of various titles.

Once you get your hands on this you will want them all!

You could start your own PLR store. How cool would that be…100% of the profits!

Plus, I was able to get with them and put together a extra bonus package to sweeten the deal even more…

Check out the 13 bonuses we’ve put together for you below…