Pimpr Review

Today we are going to take a look at a product by Trevor Carr, called Pimpr.

Funny name for an awesome product.

So, What is Pimpr?

Pimpr is a simple concept, where you take a PLR product of your choosing and “pimp” it.  By doing that you actually create a completely new product of your own.

Pimpr is the formula that Trevor used to turn a $5 PLR product into over $8000 in profit…

Not bad for a days work.

Pimpr is going to show you step-by step how to find a PLR product.

Once you find the PLR you want to pimp, you must read it, understand it, and do what it says to do in the PLR.

Then you’ll need to test it, to verify that it does indeed work as it claims.

By then you should know that technique you’re pimping, inside and out.

Then you’ll be able to tweak it and add your twist to it, making it yours.

Then you’ll be able to re-brand it with your logo and design and re-write the content making it a completely new product.

Pimpr will then show you some tips and tricks of tweaking your PLR.

Then easily re-branded it  and quickly re-write your PLR with Google Docs.
Then you can turn your PLR into a video course and set it up like a membership site.

By now you are probably saying to yourself, that looks hard….

Nope…. It’s not

Pimpr will take anyone with any experience and walk you thru the process from picking your PLR to Launching your final NEW PLR Product.

So the real question is..do you buy it or don’t you buy it?

I highly recommend you buy Pimpr!

Click here and get Pimpr

Seriously folks, click the link above and go get Pimpr.

This simple strategy will make you a PLR Star!


There is one thing about Pimpr that I felt could be improved upon. What do you do with your new PLR product afterwards?

So for reading this review all the way thru, I’m going to throw in a copy of my ebook, Easy PLR Profits.

Easy PLR Profits will show how to take your new PLR product and transform it into even more cash!

Clink the link below to get EASY PLR PROFITS right now. My gift to you for reading this review all the way thru.

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Go get Pimpr and EASY PLR PROFITS right now and get yourself on the road to becoming a PLR Star!

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