Exit popups

No matter if you love em’ or hate em’, exit popups are effective.

 They just flat out work.

If you use an exit pop-up or exit intent pop-up, you may have noticed something with the latest versions of Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browsers…

 Your pop-ups don’t work anymore!

If that’s the case then you are missing out on a large percent of your sign-ups…did you notice the drop off?


Well, this is why.

These two major browsers killed off the pop-up.

And they aren’t coming back!

Long live the pop-up!
Here’s what Icegram, one very popular redirect plugin had to say when you try to get their Exit Redirect add-on…
wptrafficup_ss4So what’s a blogger/ marketer to do?
We kind of like and counted of these exit pop-ups to get us a few more list sign ups…
There’s a new WordPress Plugin called WP Traffic Up, that solves this problem.
Tell you what I bought this baby right away and couldn’t be more pleased…It’s Awesome!
How it works…
After installing this plugin, you’ll find it in the Settings menu of your WP site.
Put in your license keys and the PRO license keys (if you bought that and want a lot more animations)
And start configuring your exit pop-ups.
Here’s a few points I really like about WP Traffic Up…
  • You choose if you want a close button on the pop-up or not (Display close button checkbox)
  • You can enable a single pop-up to work for every page on the site (Enable site-wide checkbox)
  • Can be enabled for individual pages as needed (Uncheck Enable site-wide)
    • Scroll to the bottom of the post edit page and configure it there
    • Honestly I missed this when I first got this set up
  • Your choice of animations
    • 9 animations with the standard license
    • Combined total of 35 animations with the PRO license
  • Video “Auto Play” ready… adds a delay if your exit page has a video that is set to auto play
  • Works on all WordPress sites
  • PLUS Facebook Mastermind Group Access
    • Nice group of people, helping each other out
Room for improvement…
As much as I like this plugin, there is one thing that could stand changing.
All the exit pages are full screen popups. It would be nice if you could adjust the size of the popup to be less then full size.
But I’m willing to let that go for now.
This has actually been mentioned in the Mastermind group.
So maybe we’ll see an update in the near future…
If you rely on exit popups to build your list, you absolutely must check this plugin out. (affiliate link)