Legally steal other peoples work and get paid to do it!

See if this sounds familiar. You just bought the latest super-duper done-for-you PLR product that promises to make you a boatload of cash. You download you new cash crop and unzip the file to have a look with eager anticipation…

What the hell do I do with this mess?

Being new to Internet marketing, you really are still learning all about this stuff. And there lies the problem. All this potential in a product that doesn’t come with any kind of instructions. You’re staring at file after file with no idea what to do with it.

Well I’m always here to help you succeed…

First things first…

Find the license file and see what you are allowed to do with this stuff. Most quality PLR will have a license that clearly points out what you can and can’t do with what you just purchased. Most PLR will let you do just about anything except claim copyrights to the work. So make sure you CLEARLY UNDERSTAND what you can do. We’re here to make a living, not pay lawyers for our screw ups.


Read the damn thing!

Seriously… PLR seems to get a bad wrap because people don’t understand what they can do with it and never take the time to read it. If it doesn’t sound like you would be proud to put your name on it, then find another PLR product to use.

Those two things determine if it’s a quality PLR product for you to use.

Once you decide that this is the one…

It’s time to go to work.

Let’s be honest here…

A lot of PLR is not worth the bandwidth it takes to download it. Some is written by people that english is clearly not their native language. But that’s OK..

Here’s the thing, you need to take a different approach to using PLR products.

Crap or not ALL PLR is usable.

We need to take the approach that all PLR is another source of our research on the topic we’re going to discuss. As with any research, you need to verify what you’re reading.

So here’s step by step what to do…

  1. Gather any other research you may have on the subject.
  2. Write a basic outline of your topic. Don’t spend a lot of time on this.
  3. Now using your PLR product and any other research you have, rewrite the entire PLR product in your own words.
  4. Change the title.
  5. Change the graphics.

It’ simple…

A few hours of work and you have a completely NEW product!

This solves the two problems we encountered earlier…

  • It now doesn’t matter what the license said, we have created a completely new product. As long as you changed more than 60% of the document, it’s now considered a different product.
  • Your new product is in your own words, so no more crap, right?

So now that you have your new PLR Product, written in your own words. What do we do with it?

You see what I’ve just spelled out for you is pretty much what everybody tells you.

So now what do we do with it?

There are a ton of things you can do with PLR…

  • Bundle it with a product you’re promoting
  • Sell it as a stand alone product
  • Give it away to build your list
  • And it goes on and on

What if I told you I have found a way to take that new PLR product you just created and turn it into several different products…

And use those new products to triple or quadruple your money AND build your list at the same time?

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