Today let’s discuss how to get traffic to your website, FAST.
So the obvious thing is you’ll need to write quality helpful content to appeals to your audience. The real problem is, even with quality content, it takes time for Google to see and trust your content to start sending content to your site.
So how can we speed this process up? We don’t have 10 to 12 months for the powers that be to send you traffic. We need to get it now.
The fastest results I’ve found came from using Pinterest and YouTube.


Pinterest can be an unbelievable source of traffic. I used to think that Pinterest was a chic site and a large part of the Pinterest audience is women. If your niche site is all about DIY, fashion, health, recipes, weight-loss, any of that kind of stuff, well, that content gets shared a lot. However, don’t think your niche won’t work there. Go to Pinterest and do a search on just about anything and you’ll probably find pins and boards on the subject.
So how do you get traffic from Pinterest?
First, write the post… but I’m sure you knew that already…
But not just any post. It needs to be quality content, that’s really helpful and people are going to want to share it. Then we’ll just pin on Pinterest.
When you create your pin, consider adding a great BIG and TALL image. I’m talking 300 pixels wide by 650 pixels tall. Big and tall gets noticed and that’s what you need to grab their attention. I might add two of these images and add them to the page. When you pin the post, Pinterest will see the images.
Boom…attention grabbers!
One other thing you can do is join group boards and then pin some stuff there. Keep in mind, you don’t always want to be selling or you’ll fall into the spammy habit. If all you is pin your own stuff, you’ll get booted from the group board. Remember to share stuff you found from other boards. This will help build your following too.
In a short time, you’ll have a pin that does well on Pinterest and brings in the traffic to the post on the site. Google starts to notice and think, your post has good content and starts sending other people to your post.


Honestly, YouTube is probably the best and quickest way to get traffic to your site. But, there are many people that are camera shy, so they never explored the YouTube possibility.
That’s a mistake.
You see, you don’t have to get in front of a camera. You can powerpoint videos or explainer videos. There is great software out there can that make it easy to do. You can even get a short video made on Fiverr. There are ways to get it done without having to be in front of the camera.
Here’s a technique that will bring traffic to your posts using a YouTube video. Try this and see how it goes for you.
  1. Pick a topic like a list of something that is going to be of interest to your visitors, like 10 ways to do something.
  2. Second create a blog post of the 10 ways.
  3. Now create your video, but only show 4 or 5 of the 10 ways. Tell them you are doing this to keep the video short. Build the curiosity.
  4. Tell them to get the rest of the list got to your post and add the link.
With the right curiosity, they’ll be flocking to your post.
Remember that YouTube is owned by Google. Now what do you think is going to happen when they notice a lot of traffic going to your site?
Yep… Better rankings… Boom more traffic!
What ways do you have to drive traffic to your Posts?
Share what you have in the comments below.