Building an email list is one of the first things you must do to make it as an Internet Marketer. Without one, you’re just spinning your wheels and going nowhere.

And of course everyone has their own tips and techniques on how they build their list. Most agree there are the basic steps or generating a landing page, giving away something of value to get the email address and start sending the emails with an autoresponder.

Below are some different ways to get it done.

How To Build An Email List From Scratch

Are you struggling to build your list to promote affiliate products, cap products or your network marketing company?

FROM…Matthew Insardi’s YouTube Channel

This video from Matthew Insardi gets right to the basics and spells it out step by step. From the auotrespnder to a few ways of getting traffic.

6 Figure List Building Course

I have made sure everything is step by step and 100% newbie friendly so make sure you take lots of notes and take massive action.


This video is a long one, almost 45 minutes. IMO it’s worth the time to watch and take notes. Discusses it all and includes their “Ninja Strategies”.

Email List Building

Follow My 6 Step Plan For Mailing List Success

How To Build Your Mailing List – My Easy 6 Step Plan


This one isn’t a video, but it is a good read. Once you get past the self promotion, (don’t we all do that anyway?) the article is full of tips,  from having the correct attitude, to split testing your op-tins and more. Take notes on this one…

For further study, download List Building Excellence