IM Funnels Review

There is a new product that has come out called IM Funnels. It’s from Kevin Fahey. IM Funnels is a DFY product promotion funnel from lead magnet to final product, with graphics, email swipes and social media posts. A true DFY product line, that you can have set up in no time at all.



IM Funnels is a great idea and it’s made for affiliate marketers who want DFY products AND the product funnels that have proven to convert these products. It includes 6 of Kevin’s products, the lead magnets, products and graphics, basically everything you need to promote those 6 products. In fact, these are the same products Kevin himself has launched and made a full time living with. These are great, proven products that still convert well today.

I acquired IM Funnels and couldn’t wait to dig in, like a kid on Christmas morning. But soon the frustration kicked in. Like getting that brand new toy and finding you have no batteries….

I opened up the members area and soon was completely confused as to what the hell I was supposed to do in here.

I’ve been doing network and web page stuff for years. It’s like second nature to me anymore. This stuff shouldn’t have been confusing at all. I mean especially since this is geared to everyone from newbies to the techies.

Now don’t get me wrong here, this is a great product and all of the products that are included are great too. The idea is that you will be promoting the 6 products in the package. It’s just the sales pages and lead magnets of each product. That alone is worth the price.

But you still have to do the work and upload and configure stuff to make it all work together. If you’re a newbie and don’t understand funnels or you’re not a techie and have a hard time with html code, then this is NOT the product for you.

However, IM Funnels does include theme pages if you use OptimizePress or Thrive Themes. From the training videos, these will make it very easy to put this all together. So if you use those grab this now and drive traffic to the lead magnets.

Looking at the training…

There is several long videos that walk you thru setting things up. For the most part it’s good and to the point. However, when it comes to where he show’s you where to change the code for intergration to your autoresponder, the “notes” he refers to, which are simple html comments, aren’t in the pages I looked at. The lines he refers to where you need to make the changes are there and you still need to make those changes on the pages. You’ll just find it a little more difficult to find the lines. Most code editors, have the crtl+f shortcut to find anything on the page. Not a big deal, just a little bit of effort on your part. And he shows you how that works to search on the page.

Pros, Cons and Final Thoughts…


This is a good solid product, that gives you everything you need to promote 6 of Kevin’s products. Those 6 are some of his best and have always converted well. Great value for the money.


When I first opened the members area, I was a bit confused as to what I was supposed to do with what was there. Once I began to dig around and look things over, it all began to fall into place. But that initial “WTF is this?” was a bit troublesome.

The training videos are a bit long, over an hour for some, but necessary. I would suggest you digest a task at a time.


Should you buy it or not?

That depends on you and your comfort and skill level when it comes to doing the techie stuff. If you are an Optimize-press or Thrive Theme user, the techie stuff will be easy. So, yes buy IM Funnels. It’s a DFY product promotion funnel from lead magnet to final product, with graphics, email swipes and social media posts. A true DFY product line, that you can have set up in no time at all.

If you aren’t very techie and have no idea what I’m talking about when I say HTML code, then this is absolutely NOT FOR YOU… Unless of course, you know someone who can and is willing to do it all for you. Otherwise, I would say nope, look for something else.

All in all, if you are looking for a product that does the grunt work of sales copy, graphics and email swipes for you, to where all you need to do is change some code and upload to your web server…


Go get’em cowboy, start promotin’… Click the banner..