Everyone knows you need to cloak your affiliate links with something to hide the fact that it’s an affiliate link.

There are many WordPress plugins and many sites that will shorten your links for you.

You know the ones… the bit.ly and tiny.url places.

The problem is that most are used by everyone at this point, and they have become extremely easy to identify, thus giving away the fact you are hiding a link for some reason.

The red flags start to pop up in your readers mind…

Do I click or not?

What are they hiding?

Is it a scam?

To really get around this, you need to cloak your links with something that will have your domain name in it.

Yes, there are many free WP plugins that will do this, but most are limited or “lite” versions to get you to buy the pro version.

Don’t get me wrong, the free “lite” versions get the job done, if you want to just cloak your links.

Some will even show you how many clicks you got.

But what if…

  • You want to know how many unique clicks vs just clicks?
  • You want to split test your links to see which gets better results?
  • Hide your affiliate links… is that even possible?

Most free “lite” versions won’t do that… you gotta’ buy the “Pro” version.

Well my friends, I have solved your dilemma!

CloakIT is your solution…


  • Easy to install as any WP plugin
  • Cloak your links with YOUR DOMAIN NAME, not some other cloaker
  • Track your links with easy to follow charts and stats
  • Split test your links to see what converts best
  • Cloak your links to protect your affiliate links
  • Easily edit your links and add notes for reminders

Watch the video below as I walk you through how CloakIT works…

The best part is, for a short time, I’m giving you this WordPress Plugin absolutely free…

free is good, right?

Click below to download CloakIT now!