One of the things in life I enjoy is hunting. I can remember one such hunt where my Father-in-law and I were turkey hunting close to the end of the day. He went one way and I went another, hoping one of us would get a turkey. As the sun began to set, it was time to head back to the truck. In the distance, I could see a storm was heading my way fast. As it turned out, darkness was upon me before I could make it to the truck. Let me tell you, if you have ever been in the woods, after dark, it doesn’t take much to get turned around. Within minutes, I was hopelessly lost.  I decided to just start walking in the direction I thought the truck was. After a while, as the rain began to fall, I found a small clearing out of the trees. I could tell in the darkness, that I was on the side of a small hill. So I headed up to higher ground, hoping I could see or find something that would give me a better idea as to where I was.


On top of that hill, I could see a light out in the distance. A lot of farms in Missouri have pole lights, that come on when it gets dark. This was one of those lights…hallelujah! I had found my way. The problem was, between me and the light, was acres of farm ground. Being in the fall, the crops were out and what was left, was field of dirt. Did I mention it was raining? Yep, it was a big field of MUD! But I kept walking. It was probably the hardest, longest walk I have ever taken. But, I kept going, one step at a time. Eventually I got to that farm house and the folks there were kind enough to let me use their phone to call someone to come get me. (Yes this happened before cell phones were a thing we use everyday.)


Now the whole point of this story is, I had found a way out and no matter what happened, I could still see that light and knew I needed to cross that mud to get there. One…step…at…a…time.


If you are starting a business, that’s what you need to do. Find a program that has it all laid out for you, one step at a time. Learn from someone else’s journey, their mistakes, their pitfalls and yes their successes to the top. Let them be your light, to show you the way, stepping alongside of you pulling your boots out of that mud, making it an easier journey to fulfill your dreams.


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