7 Advanced Pinterest Pinboard Tips You Must Know

If you plan on using Pinterest as a marketing tool, as you should, you must make sure that your pinboards will be effective. That effectiveness takes planning, effort and organization.

Pinterest has become more and more popular as time goes on. No longer is it just for women. Guys too are looking for info in the things that guys like. More than anything else Men and Women come to Pinterest looking for information.

As with any marketing plan, it’s imperative that you know who your potential customer is. Then and only then, can you create pinboards that will appeal to their tastes and interests.

The following tips will guide you in planning out your strategy.

1. Connect with your audience

Your pinboards must be congruent with the audience whose attention you are seeking. If it were a board for weight loss for women, you wouldn’t put photos of male bodybuilders on it. That just doesn’t quite fit. You need photos of fit women, before and after photos of women who have successfully lost weight, etc. Your pinboards must be related to what it is your audience is looking for. If it doesn’t make sense, they’re gone.

2. People buy on emotions

One the most powerful ways to get someone to buy is by appealing to his or her emotions. You need to solve their problem by appealing to their emotions, be it curiosity, hope, fear, happiness, scarcity or just the “aww” factor. The beauty of a pinboard is you might be able to have all sorts of emotions on one board and topic. One of those pins is going to appeal to them.

3. Use relevant Keywords in your board names

Putting a lot of work into your pinboards isn’t going to matter much in no one finds them. Makes sure to use relevant keywords in the board name to insure they can be found.

4. Create different boards for different subjects

Don’t go lumping everything together into one board; it will soon be very confusing to your audience. You must categorize your boards properly. Putting similar subjects onto one board might sound like a good idea, but it really isn’t. For example, you wouldn’t want to mix woodworking and wood carving on the same board. Although both are working with wood, both appeal to different audiences with different skill sets and tools. Think about and research each of your categories before randomly pinning things to it. The idea here is to make yourself the authority; mixing similar subjects might just destroy your efforts.

5. Set up your profile to tell your story

Some people might be curious about you or your business, how it got started and where it’s heading. Make sure to add a photo of yourself to put a face behind the boards. Remember this is social media, so be social. Creating a personal connection can build loyalty in your followers.

6. Make a quotes board

Who doesn’t love a good quote? Find good relevant quotes and pin them up. Quotes can be one of the most shared pins out there. Try it and see what happens!

7. Create “How To” boards

People come to Pinterest to research and acquire information about what interests them. It’s your job to help them by creating “how to” blog posts and pinboards. Use a good relevant image to link the pin back to your websites “how to” posts.


Using these tips will get you started on your Pinterest marketing strategy.

Do you have other tips you want to share? Share them in the comments below.